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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Steampunk Research

I've been researching Steampunk and came across a very cool magazine called, oddly enough, SteamPunk Magazine. You can even download issues for free here:

Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness

I also came across a fictional e-zine of steampunk erotica, which has some well-written stories:


After reading these publications, as well as some short stories from H.G. Wells, I am convinced I will be able to write a Steampunk romance novel for National Novel Writing Month this November. I still want to do a bit more research, find a few more movies I haven't seen, re-watch some favorites, and do more research on the Victorian Era, but this delve into a new genre won't be as intimidating as I thought it might be.

One of my favorite romance writers is even working on a Steampunk novel now, too.


And, as I work my way through this new novel, I'll be thinking of the first Steampunk costume I will be creating for myself for the convention in April!!!

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