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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tarot as a Writing Tool

Only 3 more days until National Novel Writing Month and I only have a vague notion as to what my novel will be about. I had thought about using Tarot cards to help me and then I came across this post of how specifically one could use the Tarot to help write a novel:

Write to Done

I liked the simple method of drawing 6 cards to represent the protagonist, antagonist, theme, beginning, middle, and end of the novel. Here's what I came up with when I used the Faeries' Oracle:

The protagonist is a person who recognizes her/his own good qualities and stands on her/his own feet. The antagonists are the faeries who bring the light back to the dark sky, or in this case, they will destroy the machines that are polluting their homes. The theme is freedom and self-expression. The Beginning shows us one of the oak men, a wise, old, wild man in the woods and he's gnawing on a root. He knows things are changing and he wonders if he'll fight or step aside. The middle shows us the faery waters that are less and less pure as they run through the stressful, civilized towns of the humans and the faeries who are trying to purify that water, whose jobs are becoming more and more difficult. The end shows us that by giving and receiving love, we heal. (Not sure how we get from the humans destroying their homes to love, but that's the joy of the noveling journey.)

The really interesting thing will be in seeing if any of the above actually makes it to the final version of the novel.

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